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It all starts at the well!


The average life for a well pump and pressure tank is 10 to 12 years, and is usually the source of low or inconsistent water pressure.  D & D Golder can conduct a complete Well Inspection, test and evaluate the components of your well water delivery system, and then recommend a solution that fits your budget.


Water Softeners, neutralizers & conditioners

Did you know the average American household uses 476,000 gallons of fresh water every year?

 Green or brown stains in sink bowls, leaky faucets, and a white, scaly buildup on shower heads.  Chemical pollutants.  These are all signs that your water supply is not optimal.  The water found in our underground aquifers contains dissolved minerals and gases that make the water "hard", or high on the pH range.  You and your family deserve the best tasting, purest water that your well can deliver.  We can install water treatment systems to make your water taste as good as the "natural spring water" sold in stores.  Why waste money on bottled water when you can get just as good (or better) straight from your tap?  D & D Golder can conduct a comprehensive test of your water supply and recommend a range of solutions to improve your family's water quality.